Where are you located?

Our showroom address is

6875 Nancy Ridge Dr

Suite B

San Diego, CA 92121

What are your showroom hours?

Please visit us Monday-Friday 10am-4pm or schedule an appoint for a Saturday viewing.

What is your phone number?

(858) 248-3333

How can I connect over email?

Please email us at hello@morerentals.com.


Do you have a showroom where I can view the inventory?

Yes, our showroom is located in Sorrento Valley (between La Jolla & Miramar in San Diego, CA).  We are open Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm and Saturday by appointments.

Our Studio

Is your Farm Studio available to rent?

Yes, our studio space is available for small events, workshops and shoots. Please email us for more information.

Securing & Finalizing Orders

How do I book an order?

To place an order, please email us at hello@morerentals.com and we can send you our full pricing catalog. Or, feel free to call us at (858) 248-3333

Can I get my deposit back?

The 50% deposit is non-refundable, as we have removed the items you selected off our inventory stock for your event date once you processed your booking.

How do I pay my final payment?

Your final payment is due 2 weeks prior to your event date. You should receive an email 3 weeks prior to the event asking if you need to change any items in your order. This will give you a week to finalize numbers before your final payment is due 2 weeks prior.

You should receive a “final payment email” 2 weeks prior to your event asking for payment in full for your order. If you are late in paying the final payment, you will be charged a late fee of $50.

Can I change my order after I have paid my final payment?

Items may only be added to an order after the final payment has been made.

Set-Up Fees

How much is the set-up fee?

Our set-up fees are charged based upon size of the order. Our set-up fee is 10% off inventory order, with a minimum fee of $100.

Can I set-up items myself at the event, and not pay the set-up fee?

Unfortunately, we do not allow others to set-up and/or tear down our inventory as we have trained our professional teams to do so.

Delivery Fees

How much is the delivery fee?

Our delivery fee is based off the mileage from our warehouse to the venue. If you would calculate the delivery fees prior to receiving a quote, please email us for our mileage calculator.

Other Fees

Are there any hidden fees?

Other than our rental pieces, we charge a set-up fee as well as a delivery fee. Our set-up fee is 10% of the inventory items, with a minimum set-up fee of $100.

Our delivery fee is based off the mileage from our warehouse to the venue. Please email us for our mileage calculator.

Lastly, we only charge for inventory damage and/or lost items if our inventory is returned excessively dirty, torn, stained and/or unreturned to us. If this happens, our company will send a bill via email requesting for replacement of the item or a fee of 5 times the rental price. If the item(s) is excessively dirty, cleaning fees may be charged.

Discount Policy

Do you provide any discounts?

On occasion, we will have discount offers. Please sign-up for our newsletter to keep up to date with offers as well as follow us on social media!

Will Calls

Can I pick up an item instead of have it delivered?

Our items (no matter what item(s) and size of order) can only be picked up by vendor professionals who have:

  • General Liability Insurance

  • An enclosed truck

  • Correct tools to drill, carry and assemble the items.

A $100 de-shelving fee will be applied to the order, no matter the item(s) and size of order.

Some items do not qualify for will call.

Multiple Day Rentals

Can I rent items for longer than one day? I want items set-up the day before and picked up the day after.

Yes, an additional fee of 25% off inventory will be applied to each additional day.

Time of Delivery & Pick-Up

What time will you deliver & pick up my items for my event?

We recommend you or your coordinator request ahead of time by emailing us your most preferable time(s) of delivery and pick-up. We do not plan exact times of our event deliveries and pick-ups until 1 month out due to our experience with event time changes.

Walk Throughs

I need someone to come out to my place and measure everything to make sure what I order will fit…

Our walk throughs are $100 within San Diego Country prior to you placing your order.

I have an order already booked with you, can I have a free walk-through?

We only allow free walkthroughs after deposit is received if:

  • The venue is within San Diego County

  • The venue has difficult access/terrain

  • Diagram provided by coordinator/client is not able to clarify where items are to be placed

  • Venue is small & inventory ordered may not fit

  • Market lighting is on the order

    Please email us if you believe you qualify for a free walkthrough.

Styled Shoots

I am interested for your rentals to take part in a photo shoot that I am coordinating, can we use your rentals?

For Styled Shoots, please email us if you believe you qualify per our guidelines:

  • Vision of shoot must positively represent our style and branding; please include a Vision Board or Pinterest link with your email.

  • Our rental company is the only participating rental company in the shoot; the reasoning for this is that the photos should not be confusing to our clients as to what inventory is ours vs other companies’.

  • Name of professional photographer and other participating vendors is enclosed in your email request.

  • We more than likely will not be able to participate in a shoot during the months of March-October due to the peak of the wedding season. Please consider an off-season shoot date.

  • Once we have the details, we will discuss with our team & get back to you within a week’s time of our decision!

I am interested to do a photo shoot in your studio space!

For all photo shoots (including Styled Shoots) in our studio, please email us at hello@morerentals.com